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Consulting Skills


      Strategy consulting

Extensive experience in helping organizations translating their strategic objectives into a phased operational strategy taking into account key differentiators, core competencies and technological readiness. Geert’s past

experience in deploying large scale web based business applications and guiding companies through organizational changes supporting the launch of new internal or customer-facing platforms provides you with more objective advice and best practice based recommendations.


Relevant project experience: Fortis, Indaver, Partena,Connections, Colruyt Group


      Business analysis

Strong focus on analyzing the business needs of both your target audiences as well as the key stakeholders to help identify business problems and propose solutions. Geert’s strength and added value lies within effectively

liaising between the business side of an enterprise and the providers of services (internal or external) to the enterprise.


-  Good knowledge about the systems development life cycle domain

-  Good front-end technology knowledge and understanding


Relevant project experience: Janssen Cilag, Indaver, Partena, Compaq, Connections, Colruyt Group, Galeries Lafayette


      Change Management

By means of a structured approach to change in individuals or teams that enables the transition from a current state to efficiently operate the new business application.


-  Content Management workflows

-  Intranet adoption and integration into corporate processes

-  Streamlining of client facing processes


Ensure standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes to controlled IT infrastructure, in order to minimise the number and impact of any related incidents upon service.


Relevant project experience: Worldspan, Partena, NATO, Colruyt Group, Internet Architects, Galeries Lafayette


      Project Management

Extensive  experience  in  ICT-enablement,  specifically for  e-business  applications  (web  content  management platforms,  personalization  techniques,…)  Strong  experience  in  putting  larger  project  teams  together  and setting  up  change  management  processes,  so  that  project  scope  and  scope  extension  are  properly managed. Experience in managing multi-cultural teams in local and within international context.

Very much appreciated by his customers due to his “getting it done” mentality, while maintaining a just balance between scope, deadline and budget.


Relevant project experience: Fortis, KBC, Janssen Cilag, Worldspan, Partena, NATO, Compaq, Interbrew, Tractebel, Touring Secours, Siemens , Connections,, Colruyt Group, Galeries Lafayette


  • Technology Skills!
    A 15-year track record in internet-technology

-  Web content management solutions

-  Document management solutions

-  e-Commerce platform solutions

-  Portal platform integration

-  Personalization techniques

-  Web 2.0

•       IT outsourcing experience

•       Translating business requirements into functional requirements